What IS Interior Design…?


Interior Design is a magical mix of art & science that understands people’s behaviour in order to create functional but beautiful spaces within a residential or commercial building.

A common misconception is that Interior designers are “just decorators” which is certainly not the case. Interior designers use a lot of principles to configure how and where items fit into a certain room to optimise the use of space and light to best fit the client’s needs.

There is a distinction between designing a space and the “fun part” of adorning a space with pretty colours and beautiful things.

In short, Interiors designers can decorate, but decorators do not design.


Whether you realise it or not, we are all affected by our surroundings.

In the UK, the majority of people spend most of their work & leisure time indoors- within an estimated 70% of our time spent within our own homes.

Our interiors influence our mood and wellbeing from the moment we wake up until we go to bed.


An Interior Designer’s aim is to deliver interiors that match a client’s brief, providing them with a space in which to live or work that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. They understand how to plan a space, how to make use of colour, how to choose appropriate furniture, how to make use of lighting and how to work to a budget. They need to provide a realistic timeline for the project, communicate clearly with clients and be willing to overcome any issues in a flexible & creative manner.

An interior designer will plan and supervise the design of your residential or commercial space, which will most likely include the decoration and furnishings. Each interior designer works differently, but in essence they will draw up plans on paper or through computer aided software, create mood boards and colour schemes, offer either consultancy, design only or full project management which will include arranging and directing subcontractors if required.


Maybe you could. There’s a lot of DIY home makeover shows on TV and with Instagram and other social media people are being more visually stimulated than ever.

Some people have a natural instinct for what looks good, a clear idea of what they want and the time and resources to make it a reality.

However, if you’re not up to date with the latest trends or products, or you are kept busy with your career or family or just don’t want the stress of having to think about and implement your project yourself, then seriously consider hiring an Interior Designer.

Interior Designers are trained is varying aspects of design, art and architecture and can work with a variety of styles. An Interior Designer may or should recommend something that you otherwise haven’t or wouldn’t have considered, causing you to push your boundaries and you may end up loving it!

Interior design is considered a luxury service by many in the UK and something that only “posh” or “rich” people invest in. But Interior Design is for everyone- no matter your budget.

When you consider the improvement that this will have on your mood and wellbeing, and then think how this could improve all aspects of your life, you’ll start to think about it differently.

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