The Green, Green Grass of Home.

With current events, it’s inevitable that we’re all going to be spending more time in our homes and gardens over the next few months.

With the dawning of Spring here (or at least on the horizon) I asked Chris Latter of L&S Garden and Property Services based in Horsham, West Sussex what we should be prioritising in our gardens now, and he’s very kindly given us his 4 quick and easy ways to improve your lawn this year.

“Having a great lawn is something we all see and wish we have when we walk out in to our garden. We all neglect the grass thinking it will be ok and give it a quick mow every now and again. The fact is that your grass needs some TLC to keep it looking good throughout the year.”

The great thing is, it’s easy to get your lawn in order and looking good- with these 4 steps:

1/. Treatment – Use a lawn treatment to kill the weeds and moss if required. This can be easily bought from your local DIY store. All the instructions are on it and it is very easy to use. It comes in all forms, but I generally use the granules which turns the moss and weeds black in places (don’t be fooled, it won’t hurt your grass!) and is easier to identify where is best for stage 2!

2/. Scarify – Moss is a real pain at the moment due to the wet and warm conditions we have had this winter. It’s not going away and will stay there unless you get rid of it. Dead grass builds up with the moss forming thatch, which needs to be removed to help the grass to thrive. If you haven’t or don’t want to treat the lawn, don’t worry, you can still scarify. The simplest solution is to get a garden rake and work it over the lawn. Don’t worry if it looks messy. It will do at first, but you need to get rid of this build-up of thatch and moss to allow the grass to really thrive. Be brutal- especially in shadier areas where the build-up of moss will be bigger. You can also hire or buy scarifiers which do the same job and a lot quicker for bigger lawns.

3/. Aerate – Use a garden fork to make holes in the grass. This helps loosen the compacted soil and helps water and nutrients get to the roots of the grass.

4/. Seed! Once you have gone to town on the grass, it will look like you have destroyed your lawn. Bu the truth is you’ve done it a massive favour! If you have a large build-up of moss and have removed it, there will be patches in your lawn. Getting some grass seed down is the next step. This is easily found in any local DIY supplier and simply sprinkle on the areas which require it. I always over-seed, which means spreading the seed everywhere. There are a lot of different types of grass so spreading more seed over your existing grass will help it all blend in.

If you are worried about any dips in the soil, get some top soil, put it in the areas which require it and spread that seed on it. Grass seed is easily available in most shops and generally is coated with special stuff which the birds at bay (and it’s all safe for the birds!)

There is a lot more you can do to improve your lawn- but hopefully this will give you a few ideas to start with. Enjoy your garden this year!”

I know Chris personally and can testify that he’s lovely, friendly, professional and helpful. He is always happy to help answer any questions you have, so please feel free to contact him at any point for any gardening advice.

Chris and his business partner Mark provide a range of services such as Gardening, Fencing and Landscaping.

You can visit their website, contact them via email: or call 01403 253216.