Recipe: Slow Cooker Chicken Stew. Healthy, Hearty, Easy, Tasty.

Wow. It is blustery, rainy and generally very miserable out there today. A perfect day for NOT leaving the house and cosying up indoors. I was planning on posting this recipe anyway, but today seems like a good day to unleash it- so I’m creating this blog post from within my blanket sofa fort.

If you’re like me, the slow cooker has been stashed at the back of the cupboard since the Spring, but this weather signifies that it’s time to drag it out again.

This recipe will feed at least 4 people with hearty, warming portions and is perfect to have as leftovers for lunch at work. If you pop in it the slow cooker before work then you’ll come home to a beautiful smelling home and dinner will be ready to eat. My step-sons love it, and it saves the “What’s for dinner?” questions as they know from the waft as soon as I open the front door. In fact, the youngest has just asked me what I’m writing, and when I explained he said “Oh, can we have that soon please?!” Bingo- social proof.

If you want to make it for 2 people then just halve the ingredients used.

This can be made for under £1 per person too if you’re budgeting but still want to eat healthily and guarantee some of your 5 a day.


1kg of chicken thighs

500g of peeled Potatoes.

500g of Carrot/Swede.

175g Leeks.

1 medium Onion- diced or roughly chopped.

Garlic (as many cloves/bulbs as you like)

1 litre of Water.

2 x Vegetable or Chicken stock cubes.

Mixed herbs- dried or fresh.

Salt & Pepper for seasoning.

Sunflower Oil.



If you can afford to, support your local butcher- the meat is fresher and generally of better quality. If you’re on a budget then you can buy them boned with skin on in the supermarket for under £2. Just strip the skin before cooking with either scissors or your fingers. Leave the bones on, and they’ll separate when cooking- just make sure to remove the bones before you serve.

To save time with the prep, you can buy the vegetables already prepared, although this will increase the cost and plastic used. Or you can prepare the vegetables the night before so you only have to brown the chicken in the morning.


  1. Prepare your chicken thighs and season with salt & pepper.
  2. Prepare all your vegetable and place in the pot.
  3. Pour in 1 litre of water and add the stock cubes. It won’t look like there’s enough water but don’t be tempted to add anymore as when the vegetables cook they’ll sweat and release extra water.
  4. Add the herbs and some salt and pepper to the pot.
  5. Place a frying pan on a medium heat and pour a good glug of Sunflower Oil into the pan. Place 2 tablespoons of Cornflour into the oil and stir the mixture.
  6. Place your chicken thighs into the pan and brown one side for about a minute. Turn the thighs over and brown the other side for the same amount of time. You want the chicken thighs to no longer be pink, but you’re just coating the chicken in the mixture.
  7. Place the chicken on top of the vegetables.
  8. Turn the slower cooker on LOW for 6hrs.

If you’re at home then you can stir it every so often, but this isn’t necessary.

If you wish, you can add dumplings too. Supermarkets have a packet mix to make life easier- just add water & pepper as per the instructions when there’s about 2hrs left to cook. Or, get some nice fresh bread and soak up the stock.

And there you have it! An easy to prepare winter warming slow cooker Chicken Stew.

And if you think there’s too much liquid for your liking then you can drain it and use to make a great stock for gravy.

Let me know if you go ahead and try this, and what you think.